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International Relations Office of our university

It is the unit that serves international relations and international cooperation activities of the University of Concepción. In addition , it is responsible for managing programs and initiatives aimed at strengthening the student and academic mobility of the institution internationally.


Director: Prof. Iván E. Araya Gómez. Ph.D.
Teléfono: (56) 412204594
Email: iaraya@udec.cl

Secretaria: Yanet Medina T.
Teléfono: (56) 412204594
Email: ymedinat@udec.cl

Asistente Dirección - Encargada de Movilidad Estudiantil: Sra. Mónica Zambrano.
Teléfono: (56) 412203842
Email: mzambran@udec.cl


The Faculty of Engineering of the University of conception makes gathering information about scholarships every week , this in order to promote the arrival of foreigners to their dependencies.

Below the link of information is attached. Any questions addressed to ileal@udec.cl

Student Mobility Program

¡You can will come to a wonderful city!

Concepción is the second most important city in Chile. It is considered the "university city", for the magnificent university campus and the large number of students of higher education present in the Region. In addition, it has many hectares of forests, green areas, flora and fauna, museums, natural parks and beaches, with a varied gastronomic offer.

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In addition, Concepción is an optimal city for entrepreneurship and the businesses, for have the largest number of forestry and manufacturing companies of the country.

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