Asieh Hekmat:

Cargo: Docente
Oficina: Departamento de metalurgìa
Horario de atención alumnos: 10 horas por semana
Contacto: 41 226 1720
Correo: ahekmat@udec.cl

  • Planificación y diseño de minería a cielo abierto
  • Carguío y transporte de materiales
  • R Castro, R Gómez and A Hekmat,2016,  Experimental quantification of hang-up for block Caving application, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 85:1-9. 
  • Castro R., Requelme J., Widzyk-Capehart E., Hekmat A., Baraqui J., 2015; Automation fundamental of continuous mining system; Int. J. of Mining, Reclamation and Environment; Volume 29, Issue 5, Special Issue: Mining Machinery and Automation; pp. 419-432. 
  • A. Hekmat, M. Osanloo, P. Moarefvand, 2011, Block size selection with the objective of minimizing the discrepancy in real and estimated block grade, Arabian Journal of Geosciences.
  • Osanloo, M., Hekmat A., 2005, Prediction of shovel productivity in the Gol-E-Gohar Iron Mine, Journal of Mining Science, Vol. 41, No. 5.
  • Nombre: "Determination of Block Size with the Objective of Optimizing Ultimate Pit Limit and Long Term Production Planning"
  • Nombre:"Prediction of Loading System (shovel) Productivity Based up on Large Fragmented Rock Caused by Blasting Operation" 
  • Carguío y transporte
  • Minería a cielo abierto
  • Planificación de minas