Conferencia Inaugural año 2017 “Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling”

Martes 14, Marzo 12:00 hrs.

Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling
Jacques A. Ferland

This presentation outlines how models for open pit mine production scheduling evolve in order to get closer to real world. The first model includes only extraction constraints, and in the second one, we also include production constraints. In order to consider the metal uncertainty aspect, we modify the second model into a two-stage stochastic programming model. Then we include a stockpile to store the material that cannot be processed during the extracted period. Finally we discuss a mining supply chain model covering the periods from the extraction to the market place.

The complexity and the size of these models require using metaheuristic to deal with them. The solution approach includes different stages where exact and metaheuristic methods are combined. Moreover, we discuss adaptive neighborhood search techniques leading to even better results in reasonable computer time.